Dove spiral


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Dove spiral


  • easy to trim and set up
  • approach barrier without pointy spikes
  • cover a length of up to 5 m

Keep away pesky pigeons that make a mess on balconies balustrades, ledges and sills. Instead of pointy spikes on which the animals could hurt themselves, this product uses a wire spiral.

The included base plates are made from stainless steel and are simply mounted to the balustrade or sill with screws or a strong adhesive. The spiral is easy to trim if necessary. Snap the wire into the base plates and the animal friendly approach barrier is ready to use for pigeon control.


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  • 8 x base plate, stainless steel (18 x 2.5 cm (L x W))
  • 4 x spiral - spring steel (diameter: 6 cm; length: 60 to 125 cm each)
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