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Bird-Scare Windmill - Set of 3

Bird repellent pinwheel - the decorative scarecrow

  • The reflections scare away birds
  • Fruit trees, terraces and ponds free of birds
  • The decorative bird scare
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A beautiful accessory for the garden, which even has the benefit of keeping the birds away. The... more

A beautiful accessory for the garden, which even has the benefit of keeping the birds away. The fruit in the trees and the berries in the bushes are safe to ripen to their full sweetness. You don‘t always need an ugly scarecrow to keep the flying thieves away. The Bird-Scare Windmill is a beautiful addition to your garden with its silver wings that reflect the sunlight in an array of beams, making bird feel uncomfortable and scaring them away from your fruit trees, terraces and fishponds.

Repel birds from your garden with a beautiful item.


  • Size: 20 x 20 cm
  • Including 20 cm stand
power supply: ohne
place of use: Beet, Friedhof, outdoor
animal: Vögel
operating principle: Optisches Feindbild
Gebrauchsanweisung Vogel-Frei Windmühle (PDF) more
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