Bird Deterrent Owl


  • Dimensions: 16 x 39 x 17 cm
  • movable head
€ 24.90 *

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  • 60102
Scares birds, rabbits and other animals lifelike dummy predator movable head For many... more

Scares birds, rabbits and other animals

  • lifelike dummy predator
  • movable head

For many smaller birds, rabbits and other animals, our Bird Deterrent Owl looks like a real bird of prey. They will be scared and try to find a safer place.

Its lifelike size, moveable head that turns in the wind and the large shiny eyes give this dummy a particularly realistic look. The owl guards your vegetable patch, lawn, patio and any other area where animals can do damage.

Simply place the Bird Derrent Owl in a spot where it can watch over the area which you need to protect. For a firm stand the owl’s base can be filled with stones or sand. Its beautiful, detailed design makes this Bird Deterrent a great decorative object in your garden.

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