Anti-Collision Bird Stickers


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Anti-Collision Bird Stickers


Self-adhesive window stickers

Are birds having troubles recognising surfaces such as your windows, glass doors or conservatory as obstacles? Do they frequently collide with them or hit them? Now you can use our self-adhesive decals to improve visibility of glass panes for our feathered friends. Save their lives and protect your windows from bird strikes!

Before applying the stickers, we recommend cleaning the pane thoroughly using soapy water. With dirt, grease and dust absent the stickers will adhere better. Peel off the backing paper and make sure to not let any parts of the adhesive surface touch one another. Use a soft cloth to smooth the sticker onto the window. By applying gentle pressure, tiny air bubbles underneath the bird protection sticker can be removed.


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  • Dim.: 5 stickers from 11 x 11 cm to 12,5 x 20 cm (BxH)
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