Birds belong to every garden and are the most common animal. Sometimes birds will nest on buildings, causing one of the few problems. When nesting under the ledge of the roof, the the walls of the building or ledges are soiled with their droppings. Terraces, the roof, balconies and all ledges are popular perching places for birds and therefore often covered with their droppings. Some places may be more tolerable than others but in general we like to keep the house and our surroundings clean. Birds can also be a cause of annoyance when they start eating the fruit off our trees, such as cherries, or some birds go fishing in our ponds, decimating the fish population in the process. It is then that it is necessary to drive the birds away and to get rid of the problem.

The appearance of the bird.

Birds belong to the vertebrates. The well-known features of birds are the feathers, wings and the beak.

The life of the bird

Currently there are approximately 10,500 known species of birds worldwide. Our native birds often live in the proximity of human habitation, one reason being the easy availability of food. Depending on the species, birds can be night or day active. Many will build their nests in or on houses. Some birds, for example doves, thrive better in urban areas than in the wild, resulting in an explosion of population.

The mating of the bird.

Most birds will build nests to lay their eggs into. For most European birds the main mating season begins in spring, giving them enough time to breed their eggs and raise their young before the first cold days of winter. The number of eggs can vary, depending on the species, from 1 to 20 per nest. The eggs are bred out with the help of the body heat of the parents. After hatching the chicks are helpless and often blind and need to be fed by the parents for weeks before they are ready to leave the nest.

The damage caused by birds.

The two major problems in connection with birds are the dirt they leave on the buildings with their droppings and the damage they cause in fruit trees. A small flock of birds can empty a cherry tree within a short time. Another problem is caused by birds like herons in ponds, decimating the population of expensive goldfish or coy. In order to avoid these problems we recommend using our Gardigo Bird Repellents which will drive away the birds from your house, your fruit trees and ponds effectively and permanently. The Gardigo Bird Repellent, Solar emits an ultrasonic sound which the birds find highly irritating and stops them from going into the area. The Gardigo Heron Repellent attacks herons and other animals which dare to go near the fishpond by aiming a water jet at them and frightening them off.