Vole Trap Accessory Set

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  • metal probe rod: 3.8 x 25.3 x 3.8 cm
  • hole digger: 12.9 x 28 x 6.7 cm
  • four flags: 6 x 25.7 x 0.6 cm
€ 29.90 *

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  • 70044
Find, mark & set traps With earth digger, probe rod and marker flags Putting vole... more

Find, mark & set traps

  • With earth digger, probe rod and marker flags

Putting vole traps in the ground is not always easy, as the right tools are usually missing. With the Gardigo Vole Trap Accessory Set, it's now easier than ever. Use the probe rod to find the rodent’s underground tunnel. Voles dig closely under the lawn surface to be able to feed on roots. Where the sturdy metal rod suddenly sinks easily into the earth and is then more difficult to move, there is a high probability of a tunnel. To be sure, look for the further course of the tunnel and mark it with the flags. Then use a hole digger to open the tunnel. The Gardigo vole trap (item no. 70072; available separately) fits exactly into the holes made with the digger. This not only allows you to work neatly and not damage the lawn unnecessarily, it also improves the chances of catching a vole, because where light and air will get into the tunnel, the vole will try to repair the tunnel and seal the hole with earth. If you put the soil and cut out sward into a bucket, you can repair the hole after successfully catching the vole.

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